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I grew up amongst the redwoods and hemp plants of Northern California.  Macrame plant hangers and beanbag living room sets hinted at the non-existence of interior designers in the hippie enclave I knew as home.  In my early years, I wasn’t even aware interior design was a career option but as I grew, I became fascinated with the idea of creating environments that were built on inspirations and individual passions.  My life in Los Angeles and San Francisco inspired me to transform that feeling into vibrant colors, elegant furniture and striking art for each client I work with.

When I’m out mixing and mingling I’m often asked “what’s new at Coddington Design?”   Lately, I’ve been answering with an enthusiastic “e-design!” and then I get the inevitable blank stare followed by “e-what?”

So here it is.  E-decorating, e-design, virtual design, e-decor, it’s all the same.  We call our e-decorating practice Room Service.  In a nutshell, it means you stay in your jammies, e-mail us, and we send the detailed design plans right to your inbox.  As opposed to the traditional interior design model, e-decorating is more affordable, available to clients in any location, and by focusing on one room at a time the design process feels very manageable.  There’s also the instant gratification factor since the turnaround for our design plans is only two weeks.   Here’s a quick rundown of the process; you can even do it from your bean bag chair.

  • send us your room’s measurements and photos (we’ll send specific instructions)
  • send us links and photos of your favorite rooms, hotels, even fashion sites (we want to get to know your style)
  • complete our e-decorating information sheet

Once we have all your info, we begin the design process:

  • we align all your suggestions and inspirations to your budget and the room’s functionality and purpose
  • we research and design a detailed plan for you that includes:
    • a specific, scaled floor plan with furniture locations and dimensions
    • recommendations on furniture to be purchased on-line or in retail stores in your area
    • recommended paint colors and fabric swatches
    • a detailed shopping list with links
    • advice on what to keep and what to toss/donate

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One of the fears of using an e-decorating service is often that the design plans will either be vague in detail or leave an overwhelming amount of legwork up to the client.  Our e-decorating service provides specific action steps and the resources to complete the plan.  It also includes a follow-up call with one of our designers to solve any obstacles or new questions.  This is real design work and we want your new room to reflect a professional skill level.

For more info on our e-decorating services, drop us an email at: or leave us a comment below.

Here are a few photos of items we have found for our e-decorating clients.  They range in budget from World Market retail stores to one of a kind antiques.









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