Ram Heads Are Girly Modern. Seriously.

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I should come clean from the start that I am an Aries.  We are the spontaneous, action oriented, energetic go-getters of the zodiac wheel and our symbol is the ram.  So that may have something to do with my recent growing obsession with ram heads.  I know, I know, this is probably conjuring visions of a shaggy wall-mounted taxidermy head in a dusty study but I’m about to change your mind.

Tamara Mellon’s office on Million Dollar Decorators reminded me of my ram obsession. Sure, animal heads can be dicey territory when it comes to interior design but I’m not pining over lifeless creatures, I’m talking about powerful shapes and creative silhouettes.  Mellon’s desk in the photo below is a great example of the abstract use of animals in contemporary design.  This glass-topped desk is anchored on a gold ram’s head with four luxuriously curved and detailed horns.

designer Tamara Mellon

Here’s another desk on my wish list.  This one is a glass top table with a pair of bronze ram heads at the base.  The glass has double beveled edges and the bronze base was designed in a limited edition by French sculptor Leon Francois Chervet.

I’ll even take just the base especially when they are so elegantly detailed.
Although you won’t find these on my dining room table as I’m trying to move as far away from the antler craze as possible and this just feels guilty by association, these candle holders caught my eye.

So how does the rough and tumble ram weave it’s way into our girly modern aesthetic?  First, it’s a great reminder that “girly” doesn’t always represent delicate or precious.  Design with femininity can be energetic and lively with a great sense of movement and command.  Second, the use of modern lines to reinterpret the classic horn shape can bring freshness into any space.  Here are some great examples of girly modern incarnations of the ram:

In some cultures, the ram is actually the most feminine symbol, representing high creativity and artistic talents.  That’s definitely the case as strength and beauty coincide in this ram necklace from the Chopard Animal World Collection.

Are there any ram-inspired pieces you have or plan to snap up?  Add a link below, I’d love to take a look!

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