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Kids Live Here Too: Designing a Room for Kids


Interior design for a kid’s bedroom?  It’s usually one of the last priorities from a budget and a design perspective but including a child’s living space into the grand design of your home is one of our specialties.  From nurseries to teen caves, these are some of the most lived in rooms of a home and we love to design bedrooms that flow with the action and change in their lives.

One of the challenges in designing for kids is the growth factor.  They grow out of their baby crocs almost as quickly as they grow out of their beds or the height of their dresser.  The way to plan ahead and keep the design fresh and functional is to incorporate furniture that your kids can grow into.  I like to use beds that can be reupholstered later and vintage furniture that has already withstood the test of time and change.  Durable fabrics in bright colors are also an essential ingredient in preserving the look and keeping the room livable for kids.

Working within a child’s space adds a whole new dimension to the design of a home.  Let’s face it, kids are creative powerhouses and they’re not afraid of making bold design decisions.  I read recently about an apartment that got a colorful makeover because her daughter wanted to “live in a rainbow.”  I always advocate tapping into that lively spark by letting your child select the wall color for their room.  This happened with the girl’s room below and it turned out great.  I added a vintage Dorothy Draper dresser, a fun lamp and upholstered the desk chair in indoor/outdoor fabric.

Coddington Design project

Kids have stuff. A lot of it.  We’ve discovered a good way to preserve the design of their bedrooms is by using a diverse mix of open shelving for the cute stuff and toy boxes, baskets and/or dressers for the not-so-cute stuff.  It also makes the room more manageable without feeling like it’s too precious a place to have some fun.

Bedding is one of the major elements in a bedroom but especially in a kid’s bedroom.  There are endless yards of cartoony or loudly designed bedding available for kids which I like to avoid by designing custom bedding and bedskirts when the budget allows.  Creating unique bedding is a powerful way to set the tone of the room since it tends to be more of a focus in a child’s room. When kids have a voice in creating the look of their bed it can be an encouraging nudge towards approaching bedtime.  Curtains, shades and window treatments can also be customized and collaborated on especially with teenagers.

Nurseries are some of our favorite projects to work on.  We love designing a space to kick off the arrival and celebration of a new family member so much so that we’re going to devote an entire post to glam nurseries!  Stay tuned!


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  2. You have some very interesting designs. They are a welcome change from the usual themes found elsewhere. I love the pink one (next to last). When a baby becomes a toddler, the decor changes, and they tend to want more of the standard themes, but I’m sure you have many wonderful designs that would fit any child’s personality. Thanks for a new look at kid’s bedding. Love it.

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