10 Steps to Finding Your Design Style With Pinterest


Everybody is talking about Pinterest.  Whether you’re a lover of design, photography, celebrities, dogs, yarn, moustaches, really anything, you’ve probably already set up a montage of boards and have been pining away during your commute, your lunch hour or excruciatingly boring meetings.  For those out of the loop, Pinterest is a social network built on a love of images and an infinite number of virtual cork boards.

Once you set up your profile on Pinterest, you can organize your boards into whatever categories you’d like. Rustic Kitchens, Tasting Room, and Trends I Still Love are examples of a few of my boards.  Then you can begin “pining”.  Which means that when you find an image you love while trolling the web or one taken from your personal stash, you can place it on one of your boards.  Your images are visible to other people on Pinterest and they are free to “like” your images and re-pin to their boards.  You can also follow other users and write blurbs about each image.

Besides being a great place to whittle away many, many hours of your life, Pinterest is also a great tool for refining and gathering inspiration for your own design style.  I found my style of girly modern all on my own but for those of you who love design but haven’t stumbled upon your true definition of personal style, Pinterest can get you there.

In the interior design world, creating focused boards, scouring endless high quality images and discovering others who have similar styles are great ways to be creative and to play without tearing down walls, literally.  I show clients images of completed rooms all the time and even if they can’t explain why, they know instantly when a style resonates with them.

Here’s a great way to get started uncovering your style through your Pinterest life:

  1. Select a room in your house.
  2. Create and label a board in your profile just for that room.
  3. Follow fun people for ideas, inspiration and direction.  (Feel free to start with me!)
  4. Using the search box, look up specific, detailed terms that get you excited like glam kitchen rather than kitchen.
  5. Add the “Pin It” button to your internet browser or phone so you can pin anything you come across that belongs on your board.
  6. Go to furniture store websites – don’t look at prices!  We’re looking for inspiration not calculations.
  7. Start pining!  and pin a lot.  Pin anything that catches your eye, even if it’s a small detail or a certain color shade.  Later you can go back and edit all your boards.
  8. Give the process time.  You’re not ordering a sandwich, you’re developing your own personal style.  Work on your board consistently for at least two weeks and you’ll begin to see your vision evolve.
  9. Share with significant others in your life.  Whether they are also on Pinterest or sitting in your soon to be updated living room, get their ideas and opinions (which you’re also free to edit and ignore).
  10. With enough examples and enthusiasm to guide you, start implementing the design yourself or get help from a designer.

I’d love to see your style on Pinterest. Feel free to leave your link in the comments below so I can check out your boards and do a little re-pinning myself!  A few of my favorite pins below.

Girls Bedroom by Coddington Design




  1. Thanks for the tips! I just started Pinterest and am not quite sure where to begin. I appreciate the advice!

  2. Hi Melanie:

    I love Pinterest…it is a bit of an obsession! I have been following you and here is my link below:


    Great to see and talk with you at Bloggers Conference, I got so much out of it and hope you did too!

  3. LOOOOOOOVE pinterest, I’ve been on it for almost a year and am still completely addicted. Many many hours of my day are spent on it :) you can check me out here….http://pinterest.com/alexib2012/

    xoxo Alexi

  4. I could spend hours browsing and pinning and I love the name of your boards! I’ve just follwed all and can’t wait for more visual inspiration…
    My link is: http://pinterest.com/thebuzzblog/


  5. Great post! Will definitely check back again! Thought you might like some of my home decor pins too! – http://pinterest.com/smarcus/home-love/

  6. Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.

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