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Even though summer is the perfect time to play hooky, forward all calls to voicemail, and keep the blender whizzing with slushy patio cocktails, we’ve been logging in some serious hours to revamp Room Service by Melanie Coddington.  Room Service is our e-design service.  It allows you to do it yourself while having the detailed guidance of a professional designer at your fingertips.  With Room Service, you can design one room at a time, on your schedule, and within your budget while collaborating with the Coddington Design team.

One of the first e-design projects we worked on was a small dining room for a young family. They have generously allowed me to share their design with my Girly Modern readers.

There were a few challenges with this project.  The primary issue was that the space was small yet it needed to accommodate a family of four and also allow for entertaining guests.  The dining room also didn’t offer any storage so we needed to include space for stashing a few essentials while working within the client’s vision to create a light and airy feel.

Our first step was to recommend a light color palette with bright accents to keep the space open and inviting.  We created a swatch of possible color combinations and our client decided on their favorite.  Because the room has a large window overlooking a well manicured yard, the light gray wall color will compliment the view instead of competing with it.

Once the color scheme was in place, we focused on choosing furniture that would fit the client’s style and also moonlight as a place to store all the accoutrements of a dining room without any of the clutter.  We opted for a console with clean lines and plenty of counter space.  This was a twofold solution as it allows our client to store fine china, silverware, and table cloths out of sight while also acting as a buffet space when entertaining.

Next we offered options for the dining room table.  Since this would be the central piece, we recommended a round table in a light color to reinforce the theme of spaciousness in the room.  Underneath the dining room table, we suggested a hair-on-hide rug.  Many people think these types of rugs are high maintenance and precious but the truth is they are really easy to clean while also being water and stain resistant.  They are perfect rugs to place in high-traffic areas with the potential for spillage.  The rug was on the smaller side to avoid taking up a lot of floor real estate.

We wanted to add overhead lighting that didn’t obstruct the view.  Our solution was adding an airy chandelier by Lindsey Adelman Studio.

Once the heart of the design was complete, we had fun with the final details of finishes and accents to really build on the client’s love of strong, modern design.

To get a better idea of how our Room Service e-design works, here’s a closer look at the process.  Our team of designers works together with the client to produce three main components.

First is the detailed floor plan with an easy to understand legend.  We work directly with the client to get all the measurements and specifications.

Next is the storyboard.  This features all upholstered items, lighting, case goods, area rugs, art, and accessories.  The storyboard works in tandem with the detailed floor plan to deliver a complete view of the structure and the possibilities of the space.  Finally, we deliver the specification list for the storyboard where we actually hunt down all of the potential design pieces so our clients can purchase the items they want to include with just a click or two.

Specification List To Storyboard Shown
A     Saarinen Dining Table
B     Jan Showers Marnie Dining Chair
C    Mateo Cabinet
D   Zebra Rug
E    Driftwood Table Lamp
F    Pair of X Turtle Shells
G   Onyx Zig Zag Ginger Jar
H   Drapery Fabric
I    Chandelier
J    Zulu No. 9
K   Pavillion Gray

We also supply our e-design clients with a photorealistic 3D rendering of the room according to our suggested plan. Clients really love this feature since it gives a great overview of the finished room and saves both time and money.

Interested in getting started with this sparkly new affordable design service?  Check out our Getting Started Guide and/or contact us today:  415.285.2821 or 310-876-1060.


  1. The rug is great. It is nice to own it . Thanks for sharing.

  2. It is nice to look at some modern furniture. I am planning to purchase one when it will be allowed by my members.

  3. Thanks for the post dear. I love this one.

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