The Girly Modern Guide to Outdoor Rooms


I am crazy about summer!  This is absolutely my favorite season.  It’s that time of the year when a pair of slingback heels, a pitcher of mojitos, and a garden-picked salad are all you need for the perfect day.  My love for summer is rooted in my early years in the heart of the chilly redwoods of Northern California. Emerging from those misty, grey skies has made me appreciate everything warm and sunny.

Life al fresco never loses it’s appeal for me so I thought it was time to celebrate the beauty of outdoor spaces Girly Modern style.  With that summer feeling of lightness and liberation, I’ve vowed to leave my make-up, jewelry, and cell phone behind as I head into the wilds of Yosemite for an upcoming off-the-grid weekend. This trip is filling me with inspiration so let’s start with outdoor country spaces.

Outdoor spaces are often synonymous with simplicity.  Simple doesn’t have to mean drab or lacking in detail.  These two dining areas from Lonny Magazine are a great example of outdoor space that reflect the summer philosophies of inviting and casual while remaining creative and stylish.  While both looks focus on white as the central color, the detailing with accessories and the influence of the surrounding natural environment are just as essential to the overall design.

Outdoor bathrooms are not for amateurs but they are beautiful! They often appear as a mirage, delicately weaving into the landscape.  Outdoor tubs and showers are best when they are bare in design and function with ease.  We’re not looking for convenience or practicality.  With outdoor bathrooms, the goal is to capture the experience of summer.

Lemonade may be the only thing more summer than a porch swing.  Ella Boo gets Girly Modern with a swinging porch bed!  She even gives you the DIY lowdown if you want to add this to your list of summer projects.

A screened-in porch offers many options.  This is a great daybed perfect for summertime guests or a lazy afternoon snooze.

In my perfect future life, I’ll float effortlessly between my city apartment and my house in the country.  But even if you stay put in the city, you can still have a great outdoor space.  I definitely feel the need to dress up for these glam urban spaces.

These rooftop garden dining rooms are the perfect mixture of urban modernism with vintage elegance.  The simple furniture doesn’t compete with the power of the natural world.  This is also a subtle reminder that even fresh flowers and potted greens can bring in the power of the outdoors.

If you’re rolling your eyes thinking it’s all about linen and gauzy, pale fabrics, it doesn’t have to be.  You can get as bold as you want with outdoor spaces.  Just look at the color on this rooftop space and how this darker shade of carpeting creates a strong foundation for bright accent colors.

Here’s another vibrantly decorated outdoor space. At first glance you may not notice this room is facing an open oasis. Check out the view of bamboo trees in the mirror.  As a more sophisticated outdoor living room, this is the perfect spot for after dinner cocktails.

Summer never lasts forever so get busy creating your perfect summer outdoor space before the days get shorter and the skies get colder.

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